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11/30/21 UTC

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Project Description

A virtual world more real than reality!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Hydraco NFT Roadmap

Fair Launch

Hydraco’s absolute TOP priority is to launch the Hydraco NFT collection in the fairest manner possible. In other words, every participant in the minting phase will have the same chance of getting Hydracos of any rarity, as the next person, regardless of their status.


Hydraco’s core nature revolves around secrecy. You should know, Hydraco is not just a NFT collection, but a whole universe of its own full of secrets and plans. These secrets and plans will be revealed to Hydraco holders as the project progresses and all Hydraco holders will benefit from them greatly!


The specifics such as how you can improve your chances of getting any of Hydraco give-aways, will not be shared with anyone in order to maintain the absolute fairness that our team passionately believes in and strives for. However we ask everyone who gets them to show the fam.

Additional Info

A total of $30,000 in ETH will be given to Hydraco Holders.

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