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04/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

Our purpose for IWF is to bring cultures together and highlight indigenous communities as we progress towards inclusivity.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Indigenous Women Fighters NFT Roadmap

2 ETH Donation to families affected by Typhoon Odette in Siargao, Philippines
2 ETH Donation to families affected by the Hunga Tonga tsunami in Tonga
2 ETH Donation to Gwich’in Athabascan tribe to support subsistence fishing
2 ETH Donation to NGOs in Ukraine for those affected by the war
= A total of 8ETH for donation

IWF Artist Program
19ETH will be deposited into a community wallet to implement the artist program. Aspiring artists that are current holders of IWF will be able to apply for the program. This is to provide materials, digital softwares, and technology needed for holders to start their web3 collection.

IWF Apparel
16 ETH will be used to create IWF apparel. Native artists will be invited to create designs for the apparel. Compensation subject to sales.

Culture Camps
Lucky holders will be able to visit culture camps to immerse and learn about native cultures. At the same time, will be providing resources and materials needed in the camp. Education for native artists within the camp will be available – paired with physical resources. 27ETH budget.

Descent Scholarship Program
An additional 40ETH will be added into the community wallet to fund the descent scholarship program. Holders will be able to apply for educational funding. More information disclosed in Descent tab.

55 ETH
Tax Pay
20% or 55ETH will be withheld from total sales for tax purposes.

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