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04/28/22 UTC

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Project Description

INFOMO. Dopest 3D Art. Designing, building and delivering.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Infomo Club NFT Roadmap

New mint + listing on secondary markets every Friday
Drop a new low supply HQ 3d art collection every Friday. Whitelisted members can access the mint link 1h prior to the public at a 50% discount price. Alpha holders mint the rarest NFTs 1 day prior to the public mint.

Whitelist token distribution to INFOMO holders.
Send one whitelist token per NFT delisted so that every holder has a chance to mint comfortably and at a discount price. We announce 1h prior to airdropping the tokens in announcements.

Gated community advantages and competitions.
To access the INFOMO Club advantages you can get the role using metahelix on our discord server and you will gain access to our private community. The INFOMO CLub members can access daily competitions, they get the info before the public on future collections and weekly updates + secure DAO whitelist spots from the best projects minting soon. Our community will be able to flex their NFTs in some metaverse rooms like portals, and desolates.

Staking for passive income
A staking mechanism will be implemented after our 10th collection where members will be able to receive their weekly whitelist airdrops + 50% of secondary sales distribution every Sunday.

Burning NFTs for virtual fashion wearables
Will start with Decentraland + VR chat avatars and wearables and will expand to other metaverse platforms in the future. The only way to purchase these items will be by paying the high sale prices or by burning 5 INFOMO NFTs. Will throw parties and events for holders on the metaverse.

Brand stablishment + colaborations
With time the INFOMO Club will be a well-known fashion community for web 3.0 in collaboration with many other creators, artists, and brands. Will release our own real-life fashion accessories until make it to the highest level. Now planting the seed of a tree that will evolve and expand as high as the community wants!

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