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Sale Time:

04/26/22 UTC

Project type:


Project Description

The Invisible Champions Project is a collection of 5,555 pieces with each piece of their DNA shared and protected via the Ethereum Blockchain.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Invisible Champions NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Genesis
• Design, Sketch, Finalize Animated 3D Art.
• Create the Discord, Twitter, Website, Smart Contract.
• Build the Strongest and Most Active community with activities, giveaways, events.

Phase 2: Presale
• Collab.Land Verification setup for Presale.
• Launch Presale (WhiteList + OG Members).
• Initiate and Draw $5,000 Giveaway for Presale Holders.

Phase 3: Public Sale
• Collab.Land Verification setup for Public Sale.
• Launch Public sale 48 Hours after Whitelist + OG Member Presale.
• Initiate and Draw $25,000 Giveaway for All Holders.

Phase 4: Sell out
• Reveal Art, and NFT rarity percentages.
• Reward Legendary Mints 1 ETH ( 20 Available 1 of 1s).
• Floor Sweep to Maintain Increasing Rising floor.

Phase 5: Community Vault
• Set up Invisible Champion’s Treasury.
• Deposit $25% or $250,000 worth of ETH into Vault.
• Deposit Secondary Sale Revenue into Vault.

Phase 6: DAO
• Set up Invisible Champion’s DAO.
• Community will create proposals on first actions to execute.
• Holders will vote with their NFT; executing on the most voted entry.

Phase 7: Invisible Serums
• Invisible Serums can be used on NFTs to create secondary NFT.
• Invisible Champions Serums will be airdropped to Whitelisted Members.
• Additional Serums will be available for Purchase (Profits will be sent to Community Vault).
• Mutant Champions will have animated traits like backgrounds, weapons, clothes.

Additional Info

Presale Minting will take place on April 26th, 2022.

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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