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05/27/22 8:00 am UTC

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Project Description

A story, community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection and metaverse brand that has been summoned on the Ethereum blockchain.
Been growing steadily, and incredibly joyful and confident with the amazing tight-knit community (you, YES YOU) the team has curated so far.
Words aren’t enough to express our gratitude to our community who trusted us from the very beginning Will be giving out discord invite codes through a ticketing system, which should now be available in the channel list under the support category.
Have taken a snapshot of everyone’s discord IDs right before announcing this – Feel free to create a ticket and the community team will take care of you. Been spending sometime together in this new world and have built a home for ourselves here!
But with ever new world comes new discoveries to be made and problems which need solving! To facilitate these needs, establishing the Duck Guild and recruiting you all as adventurers!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Isekai Meta NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Isekai Meta is a Filipino-led project by Sayres, with co-founders Waps, Chev, and Frankied. The rest of the team comprises nine hand-picked individuals from different locations, including NYC, Canada, Iceland, Argentina, and the Philippines. All together, making up the art, community, marketing, and technical teams. More info can be found on the about page.

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