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04/27/22 UTC

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An Ethereum-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel “It Remains”. Genesis collection of 7777 generative hand-drawn Resisters. Inspired by environmental issues.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

It Remains NFT Roadmap

– Approximately 2 years ago the idea of “It Remains” was born and writing of the story began.
– The story was finished and working on the graphic novel started.

– Building of the It Remains NFT universe started.
– Launched the Genesis NFT collection, It Remains: Resisters.

– Minting concludes.
– Final touches and release of the complete first act of the graphic novel digitally.
– All holders receive lifetime access/subscription to all the digital releases of the graphic novel and executive voting rights over the direction of the franchise as long as they are holding a piece of the collection.
– Publishing of the first physical release of Act 1 of “It Remains”.

– All holders get a physical reward.
– Raffles for distributing holder rewards begin.
– Holding more pieces gives a slightly increased chance of getting the graphic novel or the action figure up to a limit of 1.33x the chance you have by holding 1 piece, exact ratio depends on the distribution between holders.
– 40% of the holders receive a high-end collector’s value physical copy of the first act of the graphic novel It Remains.
– 60% of the holders that didn’t get the Graphic Novel will receive high-quality physical prints 50/70cm in size.
– 10% of the holders receive recycled materials 3d printed high-quality action figurines, 13.5cm in size.

– The It Remains DAO and DAO treasury is established.
– 50% of the royalties from secondary NFT sales go to the treasury.
– Portion of the physical sales of the franchise also go to the treasury, specifics are to be decided.
– Community voting on environmental and homeless people support causes begins.
– Further development begins – Metaverse integration, gamification, P2E, animated series, specific direction is chosen by the community – the DAO members.
– Metverse assets and NFTs by other projects to invest in are chosen by the community and acquired for the DAO treasury.

– It Remains: Resisters 3D collection is launched with early access for Genesis holders.

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