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06/18/22 UTC

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Project Description

KOOL KIDZ by Arcade Studio.  The Kool Kidz. The dropouts, the losers, the nerds, the misfits. FREE MINT IS LIVE!

The Kool Kidz collection is inspired by the idea of nurturing individuality in all its forms.
A movement that has always been underpinned by ‘90’s kid’ culture, it’s all about expression, self-acceptance, and a sense of confidence that can only come from embracing one’s quirks.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Kool Kidz NFT Roadmap

0% Kool Kidz Pre-sale

-For a limited time, will be offering exclusive access to the Kool Kidz NFT pre-sale to our Discord community members ONLY
-Drop Timing Presale, February 28, 11am PST / 2pm EST

Although the pre-sale spot doesn’t guarantee you a mint, if you’re part of our Discord community your chances are much higher as this offer is exclusive to members only.

The Kool Kidz Launch

-The Kool Kidz mint goes live with a limited Gen 1 release of 5000 high quality pfp NFTs
-Drop Timing Public Sale, February 28, 2pm PST / 5pm EST

50% Sale Airdrops

-As an exclusive bonus for smashing through the halfway mark , the first 2500 NFT’s to be MINTED will stand a chance to win 1 of 25 NFTs airdropped to the holders.

75% Activate Merch

-Kool Kidz Merch store will be activated! Will be turning some of our characters into an exciting merch line available to purchase for all. BONUS – Our store will include exclusive merch and content at a reduced rate for our verified holders.

100% The Kool Kidz Gen 2

-Kool Kidz Gen 2 development goes live with an additional release of 5000 NFTs. EXCLUSIVE!! Holders of 2 or more Gen 1 Kool Kidz NFTs will be granted premium access and will be able to mint a Gen 2 for FREE (excluding Gas).

Animated series featuring your Kool Kidz!!

In discussions, linked to a partnership with two of the greatest animation production houses in the USA for a series where the Kool Kidz characters will be the main protagonists of an animated show, the series will be presented to our existing network of major streaming and broadcast partners!

Our extended roadmap has super exciting things in store. Our Gen 2 drop will reflect how are going to be creatively introducing the characters and their crews in a future series. Scenes, episodes, crews, and casts of characters become more and more important for the storytelling as we go.

Super exciting times and can’t wait to start on this adventure with all of you!! Join our community HERE



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