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05/20/22 UTC

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A space of endless doors and passages setting the stage for a virtual initiation into the hidden paths and secret treasures of the future

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Labyrinthine Unreal NFT Roadmap

LU Q4 2021

◉ Production of 7110 3-D Initiation Masks Collection started. Mask avatars are a major component of the Labyrinthine Unreal world. They are the player’s ticket into the early stages of the game as each mask has its own rarity, lore, and in-game properties, and holds a unique digital fingerprint to unlock specific areas of the Labyrinth. 99 Masks will be set aside for reward events and promotional giveaways. For more info see our docs page.

TD Q1 2022

◉ Launch of TaurosDAO: a community of artists and collectors by Labyrinthine Unreal. TAUROS token contract deployment and minting page launch. ◉ Minting live ◉ Launch of art galleries for exhibition of members’ works. Nine weeks’ Event in New Art City. Theme: Dante’s Inferno. ◉ Starting development of TaurosDAO’s metaverse world: Ambrosial City. ◉ Begin development of DAO website and Members’ Forum.

LU Q1 2022

◉ Starting development of a Game Demo in Unreal Engine. The demo will be a tournament event in which three factions will fight it over a number of genesis game assets. It will be limited and will not feature any of the more complex organizational forms that may take place in later stages of the game, but will aim to allow players to try on our mask avatars for the first time and to test certain unique gameplay elements and features.

TD Q2 2022

◉ Private land airdrop on Ambrosial City to existing DAO members: One Genesis Parcel per token. ◉ Continuing development of DAO website and Members’ Forum (with proposals and voting page, DAO Collection & Treasury info, submissions, DAO members’ page featuring works, rotating featured artists, collections, new mints, etc.) ◉ Development of Ambrosial City continues: deploying early tests and Art Galleries.

LU Q2 2022

◉ Presale of Mask Avatars Collection. The masks are 3-D printable and buyers will receive the accompanying files as well. ◉ The Game Demo will be released shortly after: Unlike other blockchain games, players will have the rare opportunity of trying our masks in the demo without having to wait years for it. They may win some and buy some. ◉ Development of the first section of the game begins.

TD Q3 2022

◉ Alpha Stage release of Ambrosial City. ◉ Private & Public Art galleries ◉ Museums ◉ Concert Halls and ticketed events ◉ Rental Space ◉ The Rise of digital Artisanal Guilds: Art Supply Shops for Labyrinthine Unreal. This is our metaverse analogue of an app store, where players and artists may apply for custom made items to be featured in the game. ◉ Launch of DAO website and Forum. ◉ Public Land Sale of Primary and Standard Areas.

LU Q3 & Q4 2022

◉ Private Alpha Release of Labyrinthine Unreal and connection to the artisanal guilds and shops of Ambrosial City (more info on this novel and experimental feature will be released soon). ◉ Implementation of prebuilt blocks for individual players and Guild Spaces. ◉ Launch of Game Token and Rewards begin (for more info on token distribution and vesting periods, see the docs page).

Front Shoppe Q4 2022

◉ Launch of NFT Platform allowing minting, listing, auctions, and more. As not every NFT can be accommodated inside the Labyrinth or Ambrosial City, artists will be able to independently mint and list their works on our Front Shoppe Platform. ◉ Implementation of prebuilt blocks for Private Art Galleries and partial map release of Ambrosial City.

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