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06/20/22 UTC

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Project Description

LegacyFriends Alpha NFT’s is a collection of 1,800 utility-enabled PFP Friends that feature a unique pool of access and application. What’s more, each LegacyFriend Alpha unlocks exclusive club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold. LegacyFriends provides meaningful intellectual property, access to the Metatopia Blockchain staking game, an extraordinary community and so much more! Legacy Friends will build the biggest group of Friends in the Metaverse!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

LegacyFriends Alpha NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:
– Website Development
– Social Media Sites Launched
– Public Discord for diverse community engagement
– Private Discord Channels for Members of LegacyFriends
– Pre-mint partnership for Whitelist Raffle for Genesis Series
– Minting LF of Alpha Characters (4 Alpha Characters):

– OG Bull
June 1st, 2022

– Mini
June 3rd, 2022

– Badge
June 6th, 2022

– Chef
June 8th, 2022

– Minting of Genesis Characters (12 Genesis Characters):
– Runners
– Bulls
– Matadors
– Cats
– Dogs
– Vets
– Cadets
– Aliens
– Generals
– Bakers
– Foodies
– Shop Owners

Phase 2:
– Metatopia staking games begin
– Stake to Earn $Topia token
– ProjectFriends begins to partner with new NFT Projects for community
– First FriendsClub Holder’s reward for Holding through July 15th
– Land Plot Sale for Metatopia will begin with LegacyFriends holders whitelisted for Mint
– Additional FriendsClub Rewards to be given based on length of holding
– Metatopia Metaverse Game in the Virtual World with Play 2 Earn $WRLD token
– Reveal of the 2023 LegacyFriends Takeover Event and Location
– IRL Meetup’s scheduled for LF in multiple cities

Additional Info

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