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05/29/22 UTC

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Project Description

3333 hyped Leopards on the Solana Blockchain

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Leo LegendZ NFT Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take the Leo LegendZ. Have a lot of ideas and concepts that working on and our creativity feels limitless.

1. Marketing and Growth

Friendships are made, the community is built on Twitter and Discord. A nice time getting to know each other. The first giveaways are also started in this phase.

2. Community Building and Whitelist

In this phase will slowly start filling the whitelist. Only active and supporting members get a whitelist spot. The activity on Twitter and Discord plays a major role in this. Loyalty and support is rewarded. Only 1000 WL spots will be awarded.

3. Mint, Secondary and a little surprise

Whitelist and Public Mint with subsequent listing on leading marketplaces such as Magic Eden. Listing on Moonrank and Howrare.is. You can expect a little surprise even before the Mint.

4. DAO and the council building

In this phase, the DAO is built. A council is elected consisting of active and committed members. A community wallet is already set up and is used to finance employees, projects, promotions and advertising to help the community grow like a company.

5. Merch, physical products and the lottery

Already in contact with suppliers who will produce our merch and other unique physical products. A portion of the royalties are given back to the community and holders in the form of a lottery and regular giveaways. Leo LegendZ owners are automatically Lottery ticket holders.

6. Roadmap 2.0

Construction, completion and presentation of the Roadmap 2.0 also Staking and Brand collaborations.

Additional Info

There are several ways to get a whitelist spot. You can find the requirements for getting a spot on our Discord server. There will also be whitelist lottery tickets where you have the opportunity to win a WL spot by minting a ticket.

Keep in mind that achieving whitelist does not guarantee that you will keep it. Will be periodically pruning members of the whitelist who are extremely inactive.

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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