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05/07/22 3:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Designed by $SLCAT team and powered by Solana, the future of NFTs. It’s a collection of 1001 unique NFTs. 901 will be available to mint on 07052022. Mint one for you, it will unleash your luck and let your friends and family try their chance. we hope that will bring you wealth and prosperity

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Lucky Numbers NFT Roadmap


  • 1)The project and the marketing campaign launch : a collection of 1001 lucky numbers, combining an exceptional lucky charm and protector amulet. 901 will be available for the public Mint at the price of 1.5 sol on 07/05/2022 90 will be distributed as giveaways and airdrop: to the community, our collaborator, and partner to $SLCAT holders and other Discord roles.
    10 Lucky Numbers will be auctioned.
  • 2) listing on the secondary market “Magic Eden.”


  • With the experience gained from our token project and our first NFT Lucky Numbers collection, and based on our loyal and enthusiastic community, we will create a second NFT collection, “Profil for Picture” based on Salad Cat theme.
  • The list of addresses that Mint a Lucky Number will automatically receive an NFT from this collection and be part of the white list. Those who own a Lucky Number at the drop will receive an NFT too. So if you Mint and Hold so far, you can easily get two free NFTs.


  • A collaboration with casinos for web.3 is negotiating to use the Lucky numbers NFTs as a pass for specific promotions. Our road map will be as ambitious as the evolution of the project and will know some modifications along the way.
  • The possibility of developing our lucky games with the Lucky Numbers NFT as a VIP pass is under study. all the planned charity work will be done within the framework of the road map of our token salad cat coin.

ACT ♾️

  • Our best selling point by far is the inalterability of this project. Good luck symbols have existed just about as long as humankind. They have a deep connection with symbolism and hope. And they are common in every culture worldwide. The concept is endless and timeless. Even after a century, whether in real life or the Metaverse, you will find someone who wants one of these NFTs, and this is the original project. It’s tradable to infinity and beyond. At the moment, we are the only ones, and we will stay the first ones forever.

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