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06/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

3rd wave of Manitos NFT-art Collection is now coming up for sale!

On 06/24/2022 twenty more artworks are going to have life and new owners on Opensea and Polygon’s Blockchain. They are all handmade by Brazilian artist Thomás Bobadilha (@torovoa), who made it one by one, unique, original, and accessible so you can have yours! Comprising only 100 units, its purpose is to symbolize and reinforce the idea of equality and freedom among us humans. Each one has its own personality, line, color, and owner. The idea is that holders receive gifts by holding at least one “Manito”, as it was with the “Santa Mani” on Christmas. In the future, those gifts could be our own products, events and more, it all depends on how Manitos are going to grow. The artist says that in the course of time, he is going to do more cool NFT collections, besides great artworks and exhibitions.

Manitos is his first digital, NFT, Web3 project, it should value in the future!

It’s a wonderful time to support and collect Manitos. The community is just starting to born <3

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Manitos nft art Collection NFT Roadmap

1st WAVE
Nov. 21

NFT DROP for Holders
Dec. 21

2nd WAVE
Jan. 22

Mar. 22

3rd Wave
Jun .22


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