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Sale Time:

05/14/22 9:00 am UTC

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Project Description

a platform on web 3 that can facilitate manga, story, art, as well as music creator

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Mare Tsuki NFT Roadmap

[Phase 1] Team Establishment & Gathered OGs Q1

  • Bring together a team of developers, artists, designers & marketing

  • Prepared a Multisig wallet with weekly report

  • Team Description & Doxxed publicly

  • Rebranding with narrative of Mare Tsuki

  • 500 OG Members have been invited to Mare Tsuki Private discord

  • Verified collection to honor Tekika holder from 22/02

  • The lore of Mare Tsuki will be finalized

[Phase 2] Brand building Q2
  • Launch website

  • Reveal the project vision, plan and value proposition

  • Twitter & Discord will be publicly open

  • Whitelist spots will be allocated (FCFS)

  • Marketing push & partnerships

  • Characters of Gen 0 “Keikai” from Mare Tsuki will be introduced

  • Music & Art contest

  • DAO platforms showcase by SQDS

  • Whitepaper released

[Phase 3] Founder Mint Q2

  • 1000 founder NFTs will be minted

  • Mare Tsuki will be listed on secondary marketplace

  • Team will host AMAs

  • Holder’s channel + Founder Role

  • Secret event for holders

  • Advertisement project videos trailer

  • Founder Merch creation

[Phase 4] Gen 1 Mint and Utilities launch Q3-Q4

  • Gen 1 collections will be finalized & minted

  • Tokenomics will be released

  • MT Coin will be listed on dex

  • Staking open

  • Gallery integration to website

  • Full DAO integration & implementation

  • Integration into the established metaverses

  • Infiltrate the Metaverse

  • Merch creation

[Phase 5] Decentralized Music & Story Initiation to web3 > Q4

  • NFT attribute store

  • Release the project protocol design

  • Launch our dapps music story web 3.0

  • Publishing for users Manga / Comics

  • Integrate holders to the sites

  • Establish licenses for musicians & artists

  • Onboard more anime artists & musicians

  • Breed systems

  • Development of the project direction from community proposal

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