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Project Description

Matthew Robot NFT is based on the ETH network, with a quantity of 9999 (including 12 1:1 Robots). Each of the NFT is unique and randomly generated.

Matthew Robot will be the avatar of the Matthew game,The different rarities of NFTs will have different power in the game.

Holders can get tokens by staking their NFTs and get many buffs and boosts in the game.

Matthew game is a multiplayer SIM game with high strategy and utilities, providing construction, producing, trading, investment and many more.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Matthew Robot NFT NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022
Design and draw Matthew Robot NFTs.
Design website.
Design trailer for Matthew Robot.

Q2 2022
Develop game for Matthew Robot NFT.
Alpha testing for the game .
Develop smart contract for NFTs.
Marketing plans.
Pre-sale and public sale

Q3 2022
Develop smart contract for the MatthewRobot game.
Plan IDO.
Community governance.
Launch game v1.0 with construction and competition season.
Launch game v1.1 with increasing investing in the city.
Launch game v1.2 with increasing task mode (including daily task, city task,and season task).
Launch staking Robot for tokens.

Q4 2022
Launch game v1.3 with increasing random event mode.
Launch game v1.4 with increasing guild system.
Launch game v1.5 with increasing PVP mode.
Launch game v1.6 with increasing PVE mode.

Keep updating our game with new utilities.
Build game scene for some deep collaboration NFT projects.
Create MatthewRobot base on some metaverse platforms.
Launch accessories for Robots.
Airdrop related robot roles for joining metaverse.

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