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Meet the world’s first NFT project that promotes anti-discrimination and anti-bullying campaign! The LGBT collection sales will start this Spring!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Meta Freedom NFT Roadmap

Stage 1: First Mint

– 15% of mint sales: 5 rare NFT tokens will be AirDropped to holders of any collection class.
– 25% of mint sales: The creation of Meta Freedom exclusive club for our NFT holders is planned. Each member will be automatically enrolled to receive the membership, as well as our members will be divided into categories based on the rarity of the collection they own. Besides that, our members will also get the lifetime access to our project’s closed communities on social media and messaging apps along with the support of our reliable team.
– 35% of mint sales: 1 Ultra Rare NFT token will be AirDropped to holders of any collection class. The 5% of it will be donated to our charity partners.
– 50% of mint sales: At this stage, planning to start developing the app that would be aimed to provide practical and psychological support 24/7 all over the world for everyone who had been discriminated or bullied. On top of that, a giveaway worth of 50 annual subscriptions will be announced for all the holders of our rare LGBT NFT collections.
– 60% of mint sales: A giveaway of 77 Solana NFTs will be announced for 7 holders of our Meta Freedom LGBT NFT ultra-class collection.
– 70% of mint sales: Land acquisition in the SandBox metaverse. The plan to build the digital Meta Freedom community base, which will serve our members as a virtual home and a cozy place for meetings is on our agenda list.
– 80% of mint sales “A tribute”: The 5x reward bonus from the initial investment to 10 of our common-class NFT collection holders.
– 90% of mint sales: The 3% of all sales will be donated to our charity partners.
SOLD OUT: The announcement of upcoming collections, which would be aimed at supporting vulnerable groups of society is planned: 100 WHITELIST spots giveaway for our next collection
** holders of any collection class may take their part.*
Along with that, a 100 Solana spots giveaway is also planned for 4 of our LGBT NFT ultra-class collection holders.

Stage 2: New Stage

1. The Meta Freedom base grand opening in the SandBox metaverse with a scheduled meeting for all of our club members.
2. Selecting the theme and creating the next Meta Freedom collection considering all the preferences of our community members and LGBT NFT holders of all classes.
3. Opening the contest for content makers and experts, who advocate a world free of violence with a chance to become an ambassador for our project.
4. Planning and choosing the platform to create our own Meta Freedom Metaverse after the complete sale of our 2nd collection. Setting our goals for the upcoming year in tandem with the major holders and enthusiasts of our project.
5. Launching the 2nd collection and creating the project RoadMap, reaching our short-term goals on various sale stages.

Stage 3: Ultima Thule

1. Starting The Meta Freedom Charity organisation. The work of this charity would be devoted to dealing with discrimination and bullying problems
Coming Soon…

The debut collection of the Meta Freedom project, created in support of the LGBT community!
9970 unique, software-generated and 30 extremely rare hand-drawn NFTs based on Solana blockchain are waiting for you!

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