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Sale Time:

11/29/21 1:00 am UTC

Project type:


Project Description

MetaCircles is a tokenized community giving it’s members access to
to free NFT drops regularly.

Members get live whale updates and pings, making sure our community is always early on new projects.

How many memberships will be released?
There will be only 1111 membership NFTs.

Membership Cards / NFTs are a piece of art by themselves.
Created by +20 international artists + public domain images.

Each Membership card is unique due to its algorithmic generation.

Cards have different rarities, benefits for members are the same for all cards.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

MetaCircles NFT Roadmap

Partnership creation with BLNFT.
A Berlin based NFT agency and NFT gallery.
This partnership enables two-sided growth in art and technology.
Presale launch of MetaCircles membership NFTs.

Public sale & launch of the official MetaCircles. A tokenized community.
1st MetaCircles x featured artist collaboration. Airdrop to all holders.
1st free mint, only gas for cardholders.

We will start the year with a cardholders exclusive collection.
Also in January, you will be eligible to use your token based voting rights for the first time.


Following the results of the community vote, MetaCircles will partner with a creator of your choice.
It’s airdrop time again, baby.
The DAO development is launched and tech-savvy members of the community can participate in it’s creation.

We want the community to have a say in what features we should focus on next – so you will be significantly involved in the future of MetaCircles DAO.
Connecting dots to circles.

Additional Info

What does my membership entitle me to do?

Holding a MetaCircles membership NFT will entitle you to:

1. Access to closed MetaCircles:

Connect with like-minded people from Crypto- and NFT-Land in MetaCircles for:

– NFT artists
– NFT collectors
– Blockchain developers
– short term / trading crypto
– long term / investing

2. Regular free mints + airdrops, always just gas for cardholders.
Featuring international artists. Start in November.

3. Actually urgent: 

We keep our ears to the streets.
Live whale updates and pings, making sure our community is always early.

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