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04/28/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Metalazy Society is a collection of 6,500 diverse hominids (ancestor of great apes) that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

MetalazySociety NFT Roadmap

Building our community
Passionate about building a genuine and friendly NFT community, that’s why have a dedicated team of commuinty leaders across all of our socials.

Exclusive pre-sale for whitelist members only.These spots are reserved for solid members, active community contributors and competition winners.

All 6500 Metalazy society are living on the ethereum blockchain and are up for meeting their owners.

Community Wallet​
15% of our funds will go to a community wallet. Our community wallet will be used to help market our project further and pay for exclusive giveaways and activities for metalazy holders.

Charitable Donations​
A charity fund will be established and the metalazy team will donate it to a charitable organization determined by our community.

After our public sale is complete,The metalazy team will be hosting exclusive quiz games .The winners will be awarded in Ethereum , whitelist on other upcoming projects, or NFTs.The games will bring our entire community together in a fun and competitive way.

VIP Merch Store​
Will have everything from shirts, shorts, hoodies, and more! Metalazy holders will receive a significant discount on these items. So you’re going to be rocking with some awesome Metalazy merch! Sales will go back into the community wallet.

An exclusive NFT collection will be launched and every holder of the presale will be rewarded with Metaladies NFT.

After 100% mint , we’ll be implementing Staking features. Holders will be able to stake their Metalazy to earn $LAZY.
Our holders with a certain amount of $LAZY will be able to gain access to the most hyped upcoming NFT projects.

The Metaverse will bring limitless evolution to NFTs and we are ready for it!
Once the project is sold out, a SANDBOX land will be bought and will give the MTZ holders the opportunity to meet and chill together along with many gifts and in-game tools giveaways!

Additional Info

Will be holding a presale prior to the public launch for whitelist members. Please join our DISCORD to learn how you can join the whitelist. The whitelist will be very limited.


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