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06/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

Introduce a 3D war machine that you can defeat the enemies. Metankverse is more than solely an image for your profile picture, it’s also a whole ecosystem with tokens and games where you can make money.

MeTankverse’s metadata is stored on decentralized IPFS instead of a traditional cloud.

Offer you a competitive game where you can earn tokens by defeating your enemies! Exhibit your mastery in thrilling PvP clashes with other players.

MeTankverse owners can mint new tokens, use their tokens to place bet in battles, spend on in-app purchases and gain more tokens with renting their MeTanks.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

MeTankverse NFT & Play2Earn NFT Roadmap

Whitelist Minting

Early Summer, 2022
Public Minting

Early Summer, 2022
Token Release

Early August, 2022
Game Release

October, 2022

Additional Info

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