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Sale Time:

05/12/22 UTC

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Project Description

MetaPonies is a collection of 3,888 exclusive PONIES generated 2D pixel Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS) – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721A).

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

MetaPonies NFT Roadmap

Stage1 :
Mining – Q2 2022

Will launch 3,888 MetaPonies in our website in Q2 2022. Exact date TBA. Each MetaPonies are 100% unique and randomly generated from over 100+ possible variations. Some with rarity animation traits. If you are lucky, you will mint one. After all minted, they will be available through listing in the secondary market (OpenSea, Looksrare). Giveaway campaign will keep held in our community and ongoing marketing promotion to enhance our project awareness.

Stage2 :
3D Voxel Collection – Q3 2022

MetaPonies 3D Voxel NFTs collection is the extension of MetaPonies. They will create based on Sandbox protocol, free to go sandbox and play. There will be 8888 number of 3D VX, with 2288 3D VX will reserve for MetaPonies owners to FREE mint. For the remaining 6600 MetaPoines 3D VX, will go through a presale/public sale available for anyone.

Free mint 2388 3D VX distribution:

-Owning any 2 MetaPonies will have 1 free VX (1944)
-Rarity 8% (Zombie and Robot body) MetaPonies owners will have extra 1 free VX (312)
-Super rarity 0.4% (Jumping animation) MetaPonies owners will have extra 2 free VX (32)

Stage3 :
Launch $MPONY token -Q3 2022

$MPONY token is the utility token for merchandize, future content unlocks, token swaps, purchase PoniesLand entry ticket, lottery, participate racing completion etc. empowering our metaverse eco-system.

2D pixel and 3D VX MetaPonies NFT holders will be eligible to claim free $MPONY token when launch. Only 3D VX holders will have staking privileges (Number of tokens are determined by the number of NFTs you hold as well as the rarity of them)

Metaverse Engagement

Will buy land in Sandbox metaverse to build PoniesLand for our community, provide entertainment, socialize, develop play to earn pony racing game to enhance metaverse experience. All Metaponies holders will have free entry tickets.

PoniesLand is mainly divided into three parts, which are farming, marketplace and pony racing arenas. 3D Voxel holders can bring their ponies to farm for training, marketplace for upgrade their racing components, and participate competition for winning $SAND/$MPONY.

Pony racing arenas will hold events on a regular basis, open to all sandbox players to place bets, lottery game and entertain. Part of the revenue and handling fees will be distributed to all MetaPonies holders.

Additional Info

Presale- May 12, 2022

You may mint up-to 4 NFTs Per Wallet If you are in the Whitelist presale.

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