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05/09/22 2:00 am UTC

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Project Description

Metapugs is a collection of 3,333 Pugs Avatar giving you access to our up and running DAO, “The Kennel” our upcoming hangout space in the Metaverse and many more perks. Cryptopugs and Metapugs will be able to be staked and earn $BONE token. The $BONE token will be useful in our upcoming Play to Earn game as well as many others utilities. Head out to our Discord and check out our Roadmap or Dm us for more information.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Metapugs NFT Roadmap

Create a decentralised club in the Metaverse that is built for and owned by its members!


Creative, fun and ambitious and want to empower and educate our community as the physical and digital worlds begin to blend.

Ask ourselves everyday, how can build something amazing for you our fellow Pugs, and highly value input from our members.

It is important that our members have a real impact/say in shaping the virtual world that they want to be a part of.

A fund of $30,000 to be created to make an impact on the lives of animals globally, providing much needed support to smaller, independent animal shelters across the world. As with all of these meaningful decisions, our members will be able to propose kennels and animal charities that they would like to support.
This programme is already in action, with our first donation having been made to Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe, a kennel supported by gamer and streamer and fellow CryptoPug owner Grand Poo Bear.

Hoodies, T-shirts, hats, 1/1 hand painted sneakers, iPhone cases, smart watch bands, AirPods case covers, dog collars and more. The MetaPugs online store will go live shortly after the launch.

Meet Up
Meet-ups, private events, exhibitions and more, to give us the opportunity to expand our reach beyond a digital experience.

Aim to establish our members only club in the Metaverse. Your pug will be your membership pass to The Kennel, where public and private events will take place.
Think – art exhibitions, launch of new projects, concerts, gaming sessions, talks from industry leaders about the current NFT market and more. The Kennel will be the ultimate hangout place for our fellow PUGS!

Pugs DAO
The DAO is up and running and our members have already had the opportunity to vote on several occasions. Upon completion of the MetaPugs sale, an extra 10ETH will be added to the DAO.

Will hold a vote where our members will be able to decide which piece of land in the Metaverse will buy to establish The Kennel. Our members will decide, Decentraland and/or The Sandbox, the choice will be yours!

The Kennel Lookbook
Gathering ideas, sampling and filtering how the kennel will look and feel. Want to provide the best experience for our members.

Additional Info

Constantly listening to our community & like already pointed out, the vision & plan of this project will evolve with it’s community in order to adapt and scale in the fast changing ecosystem that is Web 3. Join us in our Discod for more information.

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