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12/15/21 UTC

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Project Description

The MightyOrcs are a horde of unique, high-quality 3D NFT’s built exclusively for the Solana Blockchain.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Mighty Orc NFT Roadmap

(September-November 2021)

The Making of Orcs

Our incredibly talented artist is one of the best in the 3D imaging space. He had worked for various projects in the game and movie industries for several top international companies such as Codemasters UK, Bandai Namco Japan, Tencent Games. All Orcs are created from scratch and take hours and hours of work to complete.

September 2021)

Building the Community

We want to grow our army as large as humanly possible. An NFT without a community is like an Orc without muscle, it just doesn’t work. For us to defeat the grotesque Undead, we must build our community as large as possible. We will be focusing on growing our Discord, Twitter and Instagram accounts to recruit more and more Orc warriors to help us fight.

December 15th, 2021)

Mint the Gold, get the gold

Launch 4,000 Orcs NFT in Solana. Community has the chance to mint this special golden Orc NFT and win $10,000 USD.

(Q1 2022)

MightyOrc Scoring Platform and Institute of Knowledge

The crypto and NFT market is riddled with scammers, and for good reason, the crypto market is the ultimate playground for fraudsters. Our plan is to create a platform that scores projects and helps people new to the Solana ecosystem the ability to learn more and educate themselves especially new talented Dev/Artist. Our goal is to keep the Solana community safe. DAO will choose both the judges & upcoming NFT projects. Some criteria will be implemented, for example: Artstyle, utility, community building, originality, etc. That will lead to creating NFT Launchpad backed by DAO

(Q2 2022)

Orc Familia

MightyOrc NFT holders will be the first to mint this shadowy figure, and use it to continue the legacy of future generations of the Orcs.

(Q2 2022)

Token & Staking

Utility introduction for the MightyOrc Token & launching NFTs staking platform. Stake your NFTs, earn the token and use it to benefit you further in the upcoming metaverse game.

Q3 2022)

Game Competition

The shadow of war has spread across Sol’Orc. The game will allow MightyOrc holders the ability to fight the Undead, ridding them from our beautiful lands. Join forces & banish the Undead King!

(2023 & Beyond)


Once we complete all the above stages, we will do our best to take care of the MightyOrc universe. We truly can’t wait to see where we take this project together!


Additional Info

The MightyOrcs are a horde of unique, high-quality 3D NFT’s built exclusively for the Solana Blockchain. Our goal is to create a world where Orcs battle their mortal enemies, the disgusting Undead (atrocities/scammers/rug pul). The Artist had worked on various projects in the game and movie industries for 16 years

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