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Sale Time:

05/07/22 12:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

We are involved in 2 projects! First – Apps which allow analysis of whole collections on marketplaces with good signals for buy/sell and with scam alerts improved by scam adviser company. We are the first project which warns you about scams in the NFT world on the Solana blockchain! Our second and main project is MiniLands project which allows you to enter into virtual reality on your own island. Each island will be marked with its own avatar, they will look the same and it will depend on the user how he wants to arrange it. We assume that the entire project will be developed in the metaverse in the future.


MiniLands Project! – Mint soon 7/8 MAY – Avoid Scams projects with us

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

MiniLands NFT Roadmap

Phase (Preparing) ✓
– Create the first 10 Unique Official Mini Lands in the collection,
– Mint first 10 Mini Lands on Marketplace,
– Create Social Media on: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
– Create a Discord channel and build a MiniLands community,
– Create a official website:,
– Verify Collection on marketplace,
– After 10th Mini Lands – creating giveaway including one of our Mini Land!
– Create new 10 Mini Lands (Mint Date: 14.02.2022r.).

Phase 2 (App) – Current
– Developing Miniland tool for analyze nft collections, (Solanart)
– Get 1000 users on Discord channel,
– Release a demo version of our app, – Create 500 NFTs who allow to access to app,
– Closing the access to demo and realise main app,
– Giving 50 access cards to our community for free,
– Developing the next analyze APP for Magic Eden.
– Create Private and Public Mint with Access Cards.
– All persons who will buy MiniLand from our official collection will get an extra NFT Gold access card for free,
– Establishing a plan for creating an interactive tour on our Lands.

Phase 3 (MiniLands)
– Whole budget from selling NFT will be invested on MINI LANDS METAVERSE
– Create next 30 Mini Lands and close the collection
– Hiring more people to our crew – Starting works on the demo interactive tour.
– Create the website for Mini Lands METAVERSE
– We will show plans for our METAVERSE
– Investing in Marketing.

Phase 4 (Summary)
– Create the other analysis APPs for the marketplaces based on Solana Blockchain,
– Redesign and connects all APPs into one dashboard,
– Works on the MiniLands Metaverse,
– Hiring more people to our crew,
– Partnerships with influencers,
– Presale for special nft items for MiniLands,
– MiniLands private token.

Additional Info

Check our Discord and Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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