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06/29/22 UTC

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Project Description

A collection of 10,000 Gs that grant you exclusive access to the Golden Tree. Powered by $GOLDENLEAF, a utility token!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Mister G Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Sowing the seeds
Our incredibly unique 10000 Mister G NFTs are soon about to be launched! Like leaves buoyed by a gentle calming breeze reach unknown destinations, our golden NFTs will reach every part of the world buoyed by the current of a strong community.
So, let’s start building a community together that aims to nurture creativity.
Join our social media channels. Spread the word, and rope in friendly creators, nerdy brainers, marvelous misfits and every weirdo who shares our passion for Web3, art and culture.

Phase 2: The Golden Tree Sprouts
With all the nurturing and care that would have gone into sowing the seeds of our community, it is time for the Golden Leaves to start sprouting from our magnificent Golden Tree.
It is minting time guys! So watch out as the Golden Leaves, that is our incredible NFTs, start falling and drifting everywhere!
Based on your participation in the community, some of you would have made it to the whitelist, whereas some of you would have caught our eye.
So, whitelist members now prepare to get priority for minting!10 chosen special community members prepare to receive free airdrops of NFTs!

Phase 3: Moving towards The Golden Tree in G-Verse
Now that our community members have their Mister G NFTs, they need to look out for other Mister G characters and nudge them towards The Golden Tree.
This is the phase during which will be building a special place in the Metaverse called the Golden Tree or the G-Verse. It is a place for all our community members and NFT holders, to gather together and deliberate on revolutionary ideas about Web3 and Metaverse.
The G-Verse will serve as our source of enlightenment and each Mister G character serves as your virtual identity. Bring your unique genius to the G-Verse in your virtual avatar. Participate in community events and together let’s cherish and develop each other’s creativity.

Phase 4: Tasting the Fruits
While our project focuses on explosive ideas in the virtual space, have something exciting planned out for you in the real world.
You love our Mister G characters and now prepare to flaunt them on our exciting, fun and perky merchandise.
Hoodies, T-Shirts, exclusive art and much more is soon about to hit our store. So get set to crash the streets with the style and swag of Mister G!

Phase 5: Entrenching our roots deeper
It is time to begin expanding our core team.
This is our community and want you to play an active role in its expansion. This is why NFT holders will now have the opportunity to become community managers, moderators and even join the management and design future projects with us.
Let’s have fun as also connect with prominent members in the NFT space, influencers and brands to continue challenging ourselves creatively and pushing our limits.

Phase 6: Spreading our branches
In an attempt to spread our community wider, will be launching an iOS app exclusively for our Mister G community members.
Additionally, will also launch our $GOLDENLEAF token.
Prepare yourself to have a deep immersive experience on our app. Our app is a world in itself. You will find your Mister-G community here at all odd hours waiting to hop in for a chat. Get your hands on your favourite Mister-G merchandise readily available here.
What’s more you can stake and trade NFTs as well as buy our merchandise through our very own $GOLDENLEAF token!

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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