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06/29/22 UTC

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Project Description

You’re EARLY to the next generation of web3 manga. Discover the Adventures of Mitzuki whose world and beauty will be the focus of the future manga.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Mitzuki Adventures NFT Roadmap

✅ Merch Design
Working with a manufacturer since years due to our professionnal activities, and all the merch are ready to be ship.

Manga Story
As manga & anime entousiasts, already finalized multiple Mitzuki Adventures. The last step is to print and ship to every holder.

Legendary Frames
All the holders of the legendaries Mitzuki, will receive a custom frame at home, signed by the artist.

🔲 Community Wallet
As soon as we sold-out, a special fund of 10 ETH will be paid into the community wallet in order to finance our members’ projects, to organize a cultural trip to Japan for some holders, to invest in the name of the community in NFT collections or to organize live events in order to allow the community to meet at no cost for you.

🔲 Merch
Merchandising is a standard element in the NFT world, often not delivered by the collections unfortunately. That’s why taken the lead and the collection is already in production. The first step of the roadmap is to deliver a complete merchandising pack with the Adventures Of Mitzuki logo to EACH of the holders. Each merchandise pack includes three t-shirts as well as a hoodie and a cap. Will be collecting the information for each holder for 10 days.

🔲 Manga
The first issue of Adventures Of Mitzuki will be delivered directly to the holders as a preview. The first issue will be a special edition with a print run of only 3,333 copies. This manga will be delivered within 2 months to each holder.

🔲 Streaming
Each holder will receive a pass to access to Metanim. Metanim includes more than 500 anime directly to watch from your phone, TV or computer.

Additional Info

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