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06/25/22 12:00 am UTC

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Project Description

Monkey Miners NFT is a collection with real value NFTs. Generating monthly royalties in the best asset, BITCOIN just for holding. This is possible because you will be part of a Bitcoin Minery Farm. Our collection has a total of 3,554 designs divided into two breeds of monkeys made up of 1,777 handmade designs of each breed, generating BITCOIN royalties that increase every month.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Monkey Miners NFT NFT Roadmap

PHASE 1 Q2/Q3 2022

– The Monkey Miners NFT come to light.
– Monkey Miners NFT Lottery
– Launch of minting
– Mint gifts
– Decentralized Autonomous Organization arrives to Monkey Miners NFT.
– Opensea and Secondary Markets
– Construction of the mining farm
– Vote on our DAO community for reinvestment

Pos Project (Proof of Stake)
• Launch of a new collection, where you will receive rewards monthly, but this time through the proof of stake consensus protocol, working by validators instead of mining machines, a sustainable and ecological way to earn those valuable royalties.

Coming soon to Monkey Miners NFT…

Additional Info

The rewards for those who mint 2 or more NFTs from the first Monkey Miners NFT collection will be distributed when the minting option is sold out or closed.

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