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Sale Time:

05/02/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Mutant Hape Prime (MHP) is a unique collection of 8,888 unique Mutated Hape created by HAPE & BAYC holders.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities


15 ETH worth of donations will be made to 3 charities with the percentage of the allocation decided by the community.

10 MHP NFTs will be given away to holders randomly
$50,000 will be rewarded to Mutant Hape holders who hold more than 10 MHP NFTs and has held it for 50 days

Planned on working with HAPE Socials so HAPE holders will be able to mutate their HAPE manually using our chemical which will be coming out soon. There will also be 1/1s created by other talented creators invited to contribute to The MHP Community for the charitable cause.

Our team are already working in the chemistry lab, they’re working on creating an infected chemical. HAPE holders will be able to mutate their HAPE manually.

Web3 Utility
Plan to reward the holders with utilities by jumping into various forms of Metaverse and buying lands for us to hold events exclusively for the holders of MHP — It’s gonna be a blast!

Creation of MHP token with NFT Staking features
People who hold one or more MHP NFT will be rewarded with a unique project token for contributing to success of the community. The token can be used for real world rewards such as discounts on merchandise items, or future seasons, or to enter giveaways. Staking has endless applications and we welcome any additional suggestions from the community! Holding MHP for longer periods of time increases your staking rewards.

Monthly giveaways for holders

20% of mints goes to the team. 80% go into saving and building the project, getting land in the Metaverse, also build a unique token that will make passive income to our holders in the near future.

Merchandise Sales
20% of the profits from merchandise sales will be distributed to 2 lucky holders every quarterly – 20% of the profits from merchandise sales goes to charity every quarterly – Remaining 40% go into building and keeping this project strong.

Secondary Market Sales
10% of royalties earned from secondary market sales to go towards charity every month. 10% goes to the team every month. Remaining 80% goes into the treasury every month
Mutant Hape Prime available for mint to all holders. Total supply capped at 8,888 available mints.
Holders vote on the direction of the project for the future

Additional Info

Our whitelist will open soon, you can check all the info on our discord.


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