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11/30/21 UTC

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Project Description

3.333 Ents. 3.333 trees planted in the Amazon Rainforest

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Mystic Ξnts NFT Roadmap

0%: Launching the ENTs
Launch of the genesis collection composed of 3.333 unique ents. The Ents were created by 2 brazilian artists, Adrian and Caio, and will accompany the hodlers to their jorney into the Mystic Cardgame.

50% SOLD: Reforest The Amazon
Going to plant 3.333 trees in the Amazon Rainforest and make Mystic the first NFT gaming project with it’s own forest. Our partner to do that will be the brazilian NGO Idesam, wich does not only plant trees in the Amazon Forest but also help many families that live in the forest supporting their sustainable economy.

100% Sold: Cardgame
Initiate the work on the NFT cardgame, going to work with AAA artists to create special cards and build the best experience in a cardgame. It’s our goal to become the “Magic The gathering” of the nfts, where most of the players will keep trying to build a great deck of cards and combinations, and only few will have the rarest cards.

Additional Info

Cards airdrop
Crucial point! As every NFT will represent a playable character in the nft cardgame, will drop our hodlers cards according to the rarity of their Genesis Ents, and in our game will have common cards, uncommon, rare and blue chips. SPOILER, already have some partners to be in our cardgame and of course becoming rare or blue chip cards. At this moment will have CryptoTrunks and Forgotten Runes with us, a brilliant list that still can improve in new opportunities.

Mystic Token
As want to have our own marketplace for the game, where our cards will be traded, going to launch the Mystic Token, token that our genesis ents will yield daily.

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