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Sale Time:

06/19/22 1:30 pm UTC

Project type:

utility-enabled pfp

Project Description

Naked Panda Crew is a VC DAO for Web3 entrepreneurs and investors, providing support to each other. Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to receive $QuantumBamboo utility tokens, which can be used in innovative Play-2-Earn mechanisms.

The VC DAO will expand the use of the $QuantumBamboo and bring tremendous value to it through investment and business ventures.

The mint will be split into several rounds, in each round 200 NFT will be supplied. The first public mint will be held on 19/6 at the price of 1.2 SOL, afterward there will be a mint every 2 days, the price increase by 0.2SOL each time.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Naked Panda Crew NFT Roadmap

PHASE 0: THE GENESIS – Building the foundation to enable our long-term vision.
  • Website and Discord Launch
  • Giveaway Programme
  • Whitelist and Pre-sales
  • Minting of 3888 NPC
  • Listing on marketplaces
PHASE 1: THE EVOLUTION – The focus will be to grow the development team, finalize the Quantum Bamboo Tokenomics and migrate the NPC to the second generation !
  • Vote on beneficiary charity
  • Development team buildup
  • Naked Farm v1
  • Utility Token Release
  • Migration to NPC Gen2
PHASE 2: THE GROWTH – We will work to grow the ecosystem through a diverse range of features. Those features will create supply and demand for the Quantum Bamboo Token, leading to a liquid price equilibrium.
  • Customize your NFT
  • Staking
  • Play-2-Earn
  • Naked Farm v2
  • DAO Migration
PHASE 3: THE CONQUEST – NakedShop and Metaverse will extend the range of features offered. This will naturally further increase demand for Quantum Bamboo Tokens.

In addition, leveraging our founders’ experience and expertise, transversal initiatives such as Multichain NFT marketplace and a DeFi platform will be launched.

And guess what the governance token for those initiatives will be? The Quantum Bamboo Token! Not financial advice.

  • NakedShop
  • Metaverse Lands and Avatars
  • Multichain NFT Marketplace
  • Synergy DeFi x NFT
  • VC DAO

More exciting announcements coming soon…

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Additional Info

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