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05/13/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Nebular collection is an exclusive collection of 2222 versions genesis named the Catwalk. They came from the Andromeda Galaxy to start a new life with us humans!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Nebular World S1 NFT Roadmap

15 April 2022
Launch of the project

Put all our love and heart on the launch of the Nebular Mint collection. Indeed, wanted to open a new chapter in our history. Each NFT has its importance on the advancement of our future projects. Furthermore, with your NFT, you will be able to access the NFT collaboration platform; a social network which promote and carry out your projects ! Stay tuned because many others surprises are yet to come !

Any time

Giveaways will be started in order to indotruce and promote our collection to all the NFT lovers. They will give you access to the Whitelist and many other surprises. Stay tuned on twitter to know all the details!

Social Network

Going to launch a mobile social network that will allow investors, oracles and anyone who is passionate about NFT and cryptocurrency to be in contact with each other. This app aims to promote all people who are looking to realize a project : oracles will accompany the project holders to its success, investors will be there to find the right project and partner with a person who has a project with high potential. Join this app by getting into the Nebular community!

Dec 2022
NFT collaboration platform

Going to launch a platform that allows to fuss two NFT in order to allow collaborations between artists. Each person who will have acquired an NFT from our collection Nebular will be able to be in preview to buy and sell NFT even before the platform is open to the general public.

Additional Info

Enjoy our FREE MINT : 13 may 8pm CEST

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!


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