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06/14/22 UTC

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Project Description

Neighbors is a collection of 1,111 unique genesis NFTs on the ethereum blockchain. Let’s become Neighbors!

Each Neighbor consists of 8 properties of varying rarities, from common to rare. In this project it is the intention to bring the 4 pillars of art, street fashion, music and film together in 1 Neighbor character. Mainly it will have to radiate joy with sometimes a raw side of the street and a bit naughty.

The exact date and way of the release will be announced on @nbrs_nft. the mint will be on this website only!

Depending on the demand, several forms of minting can take place. This will have to be done in a fair and safe manner.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Neighbors Genesis NFT Roadmap

No roadmap, just art. 🚀


Additional Info

Since this is D2’s first project, the mint will be free
(excl. gas fee). All mints will be whitelist only

During the project more people of the community will help us.
Please create a ticket in our Discord if you like to join the team.

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