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06/23/22 UTC

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Project Description

The time has come for the Never Extinct League to embark on its mission and ride into the Metaverse.

5500 Red Pandas embark on a mission to scout for a sustainable place to settle! A place where all species can be equal and safe

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Never Extinct NFT Roadmap

•••Never Extinct League•••
“Safe Haven”

• Phase 1
– Rise of the Red Pandas 5500 Red Pandas are released into the Metaverse Their mission is to scout for a sustainable place to colonize! A place where all species are equal and safe. A wild “Joey” hides among the expedition force! Some say he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, others say he’s just a fashion victim.
• Price: FREE MINT
• 500 Reserved for the team

• Phase 2
After being hunted out of their lands, 5000 Sumatran Elephants decide to leave the Old World and join the colony-building effort. Rumors say they make a great team when paired with their friends the Red Pandas. Together they start building the New World.

• Phase 3
2500 Black Rhinos join the colony to offer protection services. They are prepared to fight against any perpetrator. 1250 Green Turtles start a flourishing trading business. Thus funding safe travels to all endangered species around the world.

• Phase 4
The 640 Polar Bears finish their express railway system connecting all of the World to the colony. 320 Tigers :tiger~1: enter the colony. Together with the Bears, they start spreading a message of peace and charity all around the Old World.

• Phase 5
160 Great White Sharks join. Shaman centers pop up around the island. It is said that those who buy magical talismans from them start feeling better with each passing day. Tourism starts to thrive. 80 Royal Orangutans :orangutan~1: , part of the nobility, form The Council of 80. Each one representing one of each endangered species. There are rumors stating that each chosen representative goes through some sort of transcendence process. Some say they even have superpowers… The colony begins the thrive under the nobility. Growing every day.

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