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06/10/22 UTC

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Project Description

NFT2Metaverse will be the Marketplace of the Metaverse. Designers can easily sell all their digital designed products in the Metaverse by using our Platform as a Service (PaaS). The designers will earn income by selling digital products that they have created. You can compare NFT2Metaverse to the traditional Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Many other giving backs like, charity donations, 40% profit share to our NFT holders and exclusive acces to the embassy. Read more on our website:

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

NFT2Metaverse Roadmap 2.0

 Q1 2022 (Phase 1)

* Release roadmap 1.0

* Release the website

* Start marketing

* Start Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tiktok

* Sneak peeks NFT’s

* Collaborations

 Q2 2022 (Phase 2)

* Community building

* Advanced Marketing

* Total amount of NFTs in this collection: 9999 

* Pre-sale: 10 June 2022 (0.15 ETH)

* Public sale: TBA (0.2 ETH)

* Reveal on OpenSea 5 days after public sale

* Rarity Integration

 Q3 2022 (Phase 3)

* New NFT collection with 2 handmade Ultra rare characters

* Community Building 

* Advanced Marketing

* Total amount of NFTs in this collection: 5000

* Pre-sale 2000 NFTs

* Public sale 3000 NFTs

* Reveal on OpenSea 5 days after Public Sale

* Rarity integration

 Q4 2022 (Phase 4)

* Final NFT collection with 1 exceptional character

* Total amount of NFTs in this collection: 2500

* Worldwide Marketing

* Pre-sale 1000 NFTs

* Public sale 1500 NFTs

* Reveal on OpenSea 5 days after Public sale 

* Rarity integration

 Q1 2023 (Phase 5)

* Start building the PaaS (Platform as a Service)

* Purchase land in the Sandbox & Decentraland and build a Marketplace and an Embassy for the N2M NFT holders

* Public Metaverse testing

* Connect with multiple Metaverse projects therefore becoming a central point to import NFTs to the Metaverse(s)

* Onboarding up to 10.000 designers

* Launch the Marketplace

* Paying out the profits to the NFT holders

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