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06/25/22 UTC

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Project Description

Nostalgic Friends is a Limited Collection of 150 NFTs Involving Various Retro Gadgets in Each phase.
Every phase includes different gadgets that you may have used or seen in your past life. Each Phase Consists of 10 NFTs and 5 Limited Editions, Customs are Made only If Owners Requested.
Nostalgic Friends is Created with the Mindset to bring back the memories that you may have in past days with your own Beautiful Retro Gadgets.
Each NFT will definitely contain Unlockable Content.
If You Have More than Two NFTs + One Limited Edition in Each Phase, You will Recieve a “GOLDEN GADGET COLLECTOR TROPHY” (Respective Phase Only), And here we are in Our Phase 1

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Nostalgic Friends NFT Roadmap

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Presale- June 25th

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