OUTLAW OWLS (by Funky Forest Club) upcoming NFT drops

OUTLAW OWLS (by Funky Forest Club)







Sale Time:

06/01/22 UTC

Project type:


Project Description

The Outlaw Owls are the first exclusive NFT collection of the Funky Forest Club Meta NFT Project.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

OUTLAW OWLS (by Funky Forest Club) NFT Roadmap

1. Awakening of the Funky Forest Club
– Outlining the concept and initial idea
– Creating our 1st Funky Forest Club NFT collection (OUTLAW OWLs)
– Creating a multi-channel marketing campaign
– Launching our official Twitter account
– Launching of Discord and Website
– Creating the Funky Forest VIP Membership NFT

2. Building a strong Funky Forest Community
– Turning on the Twitter machine
– Giving away Early-Bird Role at Discord for the 1st supporters
– Turning on the community giveaway and sweepstakes raffle machine on Twitter and Discord
– Giving away Free Mint-Spots and Whitelist-Spots on Twitter and Discord
– Collaborating with other NFT projects

3. What time is it??? LAUNCH-TIME!!!
– Launching the Free Mint Sale and Whitelist Sale
– Launching Public Sale of 3.300 Outlaw Owls
– Revealing the Outlaw Owls
– (Duedate: 1 week after Public Sale started)
– Planting 1 tree for each minted Outlaw Owl by the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation
– Airdropping the FFC VIP Membership NFTs to all holders
– (Duedate: 2 weeks after Public Sale started)

4. Post Launch-Time
– Donating to WWF
(Duedate: 2 weeks after Public Sale started)
– Airdropping the NFT and ETH giveaways
(Duedate: 2 weeks after Public Sale started)
– Airdropping up to 23 Legendary OUTLAW OWL NFTs to random holders
– Listing the OUTLAW OWL Collection ranking on rarity.tools
(Duedate: 1 month after Public Sale started)
– Revealing exclusive merchandise for holders on our Website
(Duedate: TBA)
– Publishing Roadmap 2.0 including next NFT collections

Additional Info

MINT DATE: June 1st 2022

Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to get more information.

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