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05/09/22 UTC

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Project Description

Panther is a collection of 3.003 unique 3D Panthers randomly generated, hunting in the ETH Blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs and hosted in IPFS.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Panther Social Club – OFFICIAL NFT Roadmap

Special Skills for every Panther

In addition to the classic traits of the collection, have added additional powers to our Panthers. Each Panther will have additional skills, which will be used to interact with the next utilities that will come out as our roadmap progresses. Some Skills will be: Health, Smartness, Strength and many others.

You will need to be a Panther very Smartness to bring great investment results.

It will be possible to analyze what are the traits of our Panther from our Members Area, or directly on Opensea in the “levels” section.

Crypto Investment Training

Our team has been working for some time with excellent results in the crypto world, so decided to train our Panthers to become successful traders and top investors in the degen DEFI. Our Panthers are already bringing exceptional results and they are ready to pass on their skills and show their best moves within the community.

Would like to share with you the results that the Panthers training are bringing, and will show you such along with sneak peeks within the community.


Working to contribute to various charitable initiatives around the world. At this stage have allocated 5% of the total minting to be donated to charity foundations that give real results and actually do change things. Our priority is not to give money to the first charity initiative that seems interesting to us, want to follow the donation step by step and witness the process and the results it will bring over time.

Panther Academy

Panthers never stop learning. Minting a Panther will get you free access to one of the most appreciated academies of the Jungle: the access will be there for you as long as you hold. Extract all the value from the unique experience of Luca Valori and his Team and master e-commerce, drop-shipping, social media, marketing and much more.

PSC Token

Want to buy in the Panther Ecosystem? Stack PSC Token automatically till you keep hold of your Panther and access an unmatched market.


Guess what? As long as you hold a Panther, it will keep an eye on your NFTs collection and market oportunities, providing you with the best NFT Analysis tool on the market. Immediate ranking on revealing Collections, live feed, value tracking and much more.


Panthers will roam in their exclusive world. A lot of events, conversations about Crypto and NFT World and loads of added value. Want to be part of it? Be a Panther, get a Panther.

Additional Info

Have whitelists and you can stay updated on discord.

If you are in WL you will have access to minting directly from our official website. If you have not managed to enter WL, you will be able to buy your Panther in the secondary market on Opensea.

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