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11/30/21 UTC

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Project Description

Piggy Crew is a collection of 10 000 Piggies who are created as a pass to our DAO based community.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

PiggyCrew NFT Roadmap

Building a rocket prototype

Love to win piggies? Giveaways and contests made for you! The most active of the crew will have some benefits.

Paint it pink

All piggie holders will automatically participate in the Tesla giveaway. Don’t like Tesla but you won? Grab ETH worth tesla then and buy something you like. Ford Mustang maybe. Or helicopter. Swap mechanics will become active. After 50 swapped gen1 pigs their owners can begin to make DAO propositions.

Cooking liquid fuel

Before 50 minted gen1 pigs will drop the proposition about charity program. Also 90% of royalty will always go to the DAO Community wallet automatically. Next NFT project.


Look, our designer is awesome. Let’s make the next collection via DAO? Just as said, with your brilliant ideas and our design can make an ideal NFT collection on the market. Will take all technical parts regarding smart contracts and marketing, everything else is under your control.


Not predictors, don’t know what the community will decide and where this experimental road will lead us… But want to make it live forever.

Additional Info

Everyone who mints gen0 pig will become a DAO community member. With this power every member can vote for different propositions regarding our 150 ETH wallet.

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