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06/30/22 1:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

PlutoPigs is an NFT Project of 8,888 utility-enabled, NFT Art PFPs, which include a rich and unique pool of pixel art properties to suit every single member of our community.

Our long term goal is to sustain a High-quality NFT Project which will constantly gain value as well as increasing the floor price margin throughout the constant progress following our roadmap and beyond.
This will be done using the following strategies:
– Constant engagement with the community and collaboration with similar ecosystem projects. Understand that this step is crucial for success.
– Staking our NFT’s for our very own $BACON token while evolving and building our tokens’ economy.
– Having our very own branded marketplace used to purchase various merchandise items and future collections using SOL/$BACON.
– Raising more funds for our main charity goal which is supporting War Veterans by donations made with our projects revenue.
– Developing a P2E Multiplayer game using our NFT’s and $BACON as its main Game currency. Which development details will be announced later this year (Q4 2022).

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

PlutoPigs NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Community is KEY!
◎ Building our twitter profile and discord server.
◎ Building our official website :
◎ Applying on a major Solana Launchpad
◎ Collaborating with other Solana projects.
◎ Accumulating the desired amount of Whitelist applicants.
◎ Engaging with the Solana Community and various Solana twitter spaces.

Phase 2: Sharing the $BACON
◎ Creation of our very own currency, $BACON.
◎ Launching our official staking Website :

Phase 3: Blast Off!
◎ Accepted on a major Solana launchpad.
◎ Launching our 808 Whitelist mint for 0.2SOL!

Phase 4: WL Mint Sold-Out!
◎ All 808 WL Members have minted their PP.
◎ Staking $BACON will be available to the WL community.
◎ 150K $BACON Giveaway on our Discord server for our Whitelist members.

Phase 5: Pluto on route
◎ Minting out the remainder of our collection for 1.8SOL.
◎ Collection Sold out.
◎ Staking made available to all PP Owners.
◎ 350K $BACON Giveaway to all PP Owners.

Phase 6: Share the Love!
◎ 5% of generated SOL giveaway to PP Holders.
◎ 10% of generated SOL given to various veteran charities which includes funding various PTSD and trauma support groups, funding veteran affairs hospitals around the country, homeless or low income veteran support, and other measures to insure the health and happiness of War Veterans.
“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”
– General Douglas MacArthur

Phase 7: PlutoPigs – A Brand.
◎ Designing and finalizing PlutoPigs Official Merchandise.
◎ Building our Official Merchandise Marketplace with $BACON as official currency for exclusive items.
◎ Releasing our official merchandise available to the community.

Phase 8: ???
What is the fun of telling you more about our next project from now? You’re going to be a part of it anyways.
More SUPRISES & GIVEAWAYS to be expected!
Oh, and we guarantee to surprise the oink out of you!


Additional Info

WL Mint 0.2Sol : TBA
Public Mint 1.8Sol : TBA

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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