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08/02/22 UTC

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Project Description

Introducing the poofy DRAGON

Our first Dragon Drop this coming Friday June 3, 2022! The first set of 7 of 777

Suspicious and shy by nature, the Poofy Dragon will slowly start to show their faces on the Ethereum blockchain ready to enter the Metaverse through OpenSea, as your pet, protector, avatar, or sarcastic beast. 7 of 777 will roam this Metaverse each week, trying to become accustomed to their new world and getting to know their owners.

Traveling deep into the Metaverse lies the reason for all this effort, The Brood. As the dragon numbers increase, each player worthy of the dragon’s adventure will create The Brood. A community of Poofy Dragon owners. The dragon community is here to give you a serotonin boost with a shot of dopamine. They welcome any story of daring and dark adventures valiantly achieved, especially ones with good endings. Those privy to own a dragon or two will create The Hoard. A special place where only the most honorable contenders go and treasures abide.

Your Dragon grants you access to member-only benefits to be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. Reveal the full Poofy Dragon on OpenSea, Twitter, Instagram, and our website: https://www.poofydragon.com

Eventually, member exclusive Poofy Dragon merch will be unlocked, featuring limited edition accessories and apparel items, Poof coin, digital canvases, & physical authentication. For the very special member their very own physical 3D printed Poofy Dragon.

With time and because of the 3D nature of the Poofy Dragon, a very possible world will be revealed in the form of Meta-games and animated short stories and films, where you will be able to participate in some of their many adventures.

So excited to embark on this adventure! Our first Dragon Drop this coming Friday June 3, 2022! The first set of 7 of 777

Will you discover the rare species like the shy Disco Dragon? The elusive Gold Dragon? Or even spot the Space Dragon?

777 Dragons, each with their own 3D smoking animation, available on OpenSea to be a part of the adventure.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Poofy Dragon : 1st Dragon Drop NFT Roadmap

Ideas and opportunities that may arise in the advancing world of the MetVerse, web3, potential partnerships, and more!

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