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05/01/22 UTC

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Project Description

Pot Princess FUNDRAISING MINT5050 DeBUDS are about to BLAZE UP the Solana Blockchain.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Pot Princess NFT Roadmap

Welcome to the Pot KingdomFuture Home to Pot Princesses, Bud Knights, and Kief Dragons.

Our project goal is gamify profile pictures by designing HIGH quality, Unique, Fun, Upgradable Artwork.
In the beginning plan to release 420 Pot Princesses who will Hotbox the Solana Blockchain while they await their Bud Knights.If you can match and hold the corresponding Bud Knight to Pot Princess (ex. Pot Princess #22 and Bud Knight #22) a ULTRA RARE Kief Dragon offspring will spawn in your wallet.
While you search for your match, you’ll be airdropped Pot Kingdom Joints
These are the Kingdom Currency in NFT form.
These joints can be upgraded to a Pack O’ Joints which is atleast 10x more valuable.
Kingdom Joints and Pack O’ Joints can also be sold on the aftermarket or burned for unique 1:1 NFT Pipes, Water Pipes and Bongs.Ready to upgrade to your very own UPGRADABLE 1:1?
Step 1. Have a Pot Princess Gen 1 & a Bud Knight & (x) amount of Joints.and then…
Oh shiiiiit your Bud Knight smoked your Joints! Its time to Dump his ass!You’ll Send your Bud Knight & Joints he smoked back to the Artist, in return you’ll receive a Unique 1:1 UPGRADABLE Profile Picture based off your preferences, Airdropped direct to your wallet.You’ll also be able to burn your unique 1:1 NFT Pipe, Water Pipe or Bong into the NFT Artwork for a fully unique piece.
Joints will also be used to trade in for high quality accessories like Watches, Necklaces, Bracelets, Tattoos, Crowns, Tiaras, ect to be designed into your 1:1.Toke map:
The Beginning

0.1 Twitter Creation
0.2 Discord Creation
0.3 Pot Princesses Art Completion
0.4 Community Building
0.5 Release 50/50 NFT Collection
0.6 Full Dox Stream + Distribute %50 of Mint to Ticket Holder LIVE
0.7 Release 10 OG Mints
0.8 Fill our WL Spots
0.9 Onboard with SolalandHQ for Verification

1. LIVE Discord Mint Party (TBD)Home Coming
1.1 Launch collection on ME (Pre-approved)
1.2 Airdrop Upgradable Joint NFTs to Holders
1.3 Accessories/Pipes/Bong Creation
1.4 NFT Raffles
1.5 Bud Knight Art Completion
1.6 Bud Knight MintKingdom Come
2.1 Bud Knight Listing on ME
2.2 Unique Breeding – Kief Dragons
2.3 Staking
2.4 1:1s / Upgrade Accessories
2.5 Merch / IRL Artwork
2.6 Additional Staking Pool OnboardingTBC

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