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05/04/22 UTC

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Project Description

7777 Generative Potheads PotheadsNFT is a concept have developed to overflow from the borders of the ERC-721 token standard into a more tangible embodiment of what an NFT can be.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Potheadsnft og NFT Roadmap

Potheads Sprout
The start of great things to come

Tesla Giveaway
One lucky holder will get a Tesla Model 3!

Carbonfund Established
A HUGE 50% of Mint goes straight into the Carbonfund. Profits earned from yield farming are used directly and solely for planting additional trees. Read more in detail in our whitepaper!

Trees planted
Doing the planet some good, and paving the way for the tens of thousands of trees will plant over the years. Will be planting 3 Native New Zealand trees for every NFT minted

Metaverse Integration
Join us in the Metaverse! Will be purchasing some Metaverse land from our own pocket for Potheads to connect and relax. Have a Dev team ready to create a metaverse experience for our community

Staking Initialised
Increase your gains from the Carbonfund by staking your Potheads NFT. Stakers will be entitled to additional benefits and can use their $Pot in a mutlitude of differing ways. Examples include, access to Potheads Metaverse items and roles, redeeming IRL merch, to plant trees, and so much more to be announced

Sequester Platform Created
A platform to enable anyone, anywhere, to donate to carbon negative incentives and tree planting. This platforms revenue (minus tree planting), goes straight into the CarbonFund to in turn enable further tree planting

So Much More to come in Q2

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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