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06/23/22 3:22 pm UTC

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Project Description

The first NFT to encourage women that it’s never too late to start something you love.Beauty doesn’t age. Talent stays flawless.

Aurora, the creator of Prettiestwoman who is 65 years old. She started painting when she was 60 years old. Painted these 10,000 art NFT pieces to empower women to discover their own passion

“Prettiest Women” is a 2022 NFT project developed by a female artist known as Aurora. The unique fact about the current development is the age of the artist Aurora. At 65, Aurora is one of the oldest artists to bring her NFT collection to Open Sea. Aurora, the founder of Prettiest Women, considers that women will now be able to launch their NFTs and get some attention after the launch of Prettiest Women. However, Aurora’s story is more impressive because she did not begin illustrating until age 60.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Prettiest Women NFT Roadmap

5% Sold
500 Prettiest released our team
“Thank you!”
5% of the NFTs will be released for team,”Thank you!”

10% Sold
1000 Prettiest released our early supporters
“Thank you!”
10% of the NFTs will be released for a pre-sale at 0.03 ETH for early supporters.

50% Sold
5,000 Prettiest Sold
50% of the NFTs will be released and the profits will go towards women’s charities. Sale price will be at 0.053-0.3 ETH + Gas

100% Sold
10,000 Prettiest Sold
“Development & Support”
Remaining NFTs will be sold for development and support

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