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05/22/22 10:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

“Since the metaverse is evolving rapidly, the information transmitted between the data is too massive, the overflowing data gradually formed a two-dimensional primitive planet at the edge of the universe.

The primitive planet followed the history of human evolution and gave birth to primitive humans. They also gradually learn to use tools. They discovered fire during evolution and created new things with fire. Then priests were born, and the culture is continually being passed on, and their world is generating infinite possibilities…”

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Primitive Club NFT Roadmap

Within 24 hours of public mint, 10 NFTs will be airdropped to holders.

1 The first 40 holders of Fire NFT will get 1 Primitive NFT.

2 Will airdrop an Iron NFT to Fire and Stone holders on April 11th. 5 holders will be drawn, and each will airdrop 1 NFT.

3 20 community members who hold more than 2 NFTs will get 5Ξ. Will airdrop 15 priest NFTs to the community.

4 At the same time, there are holders of fire, stone, and iron, and everyone will get a priest NFT.

5 Give 10Ξ to DAO!”

Additional Info

Website: Coming soon!

Whitelist Mint is on May 22nd UTC
Whitelist price is 0.035 ETH
Public mint is on May 23rd UTC
The price of 0.07 ETH

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