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06/26/22 UTC

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Project Description

NFT Primo Martians, the first Generation to be born on mars

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

PrimoMartians NFT Roadmap

Developing the Artwork for the PrimoMartians:
Q.1 2022

– Developing the Artwork for the PrimoMartians: Dedicated to creating a hand drawn unique NFT collection that would tell our story in the best way possible.
– Developing and Creating the website:Our website will be our business card for your future PrimoMartian. Our team of web developers all share the same remarkable vision for the PrimoMartians Project, which will be visible on the website.
– Building Up the PrimoMartians Community: currently building the PrimoMartians Instagram and Twitter pages to showcase the development of the art work, and keep you updated. Our team is also developing the Discord channel where all future Primos will come and share thoughts and Ideas. Our focus will be on keeping the community alive on Discord, and working on whitelisting our Dedicated PrimoMartians Community Members!

Have Lift Off!
Q.2 2022

– The PrimoMartians Are Born: Will be introducing to you the first artwork of what your PrimoMartian might look like! Will be giving you a glimpse of Primo future!
– Tick Tock the Clock Is Ticking: Will open the presale minting page for all the whitelisted PrimoMartians community members.
– The Time Has Come:The main sale minting page will open for everyone interested in being part of the PrimoMartians!

Keeping Promises
Q.3 2022

– Let’s Talk and Meet the PrimoMartian: Will be holding multiple events on Discord with the main purpose of hearing your thoughts on the PrimoMartians, and what you liked, and what you didn’t. Our goal is to keep this project alive based on your likes and dislikes.
– Pay it forward:As promised, the PrimoMartians Project is focused on giving back to animal rescue shelters. Will be creating vote polls to which animal shelters the donations will go, based on the choices made by you, and the rest of the PrimoMartians community.

Time to Make You Smile
Q.4 2022

– Let’s Bring Those Animals to Mars: Our team will be contacting each of the animal rescue shelters donated money to and ask them to provide us with pictures of the animals to use in our future project, PrimoPets!
– Make You Smile:Our team will be sharing with the PrimoMartians community all the photos received from the animal rescue shelters, and sure that would bring a smile on your face!
– Let’s Showcase Your PrimoMartians: Our team will begin the delivery of the digital frame to members of the community who own more than two PrimoMartians. The digital frame will showcase all your PrimoMartians.
– Let’s Talk Again: Will hold multiple events on Discord to hear again from our beloved community. Will be holding poll votes on the location of the first PrimoMartians real world event, which will be Mars themed!

Dawn of Future Days
Q.1 2023

– 1, 2, 3 PrimoPet Go: Our team will start developing the first PrimoPet traits based on all the pictures received from the animal rescue shelters. Will work on incorporating PrimoPets with PrimoMartians. The PrimoPets Project would have a dedicated page for future announcements, sales, and presales.
– PrimoPets Are Coming to Mars:Our team will begin creating the artwork for the PrimoPets, and hand drawing the traits.

Let’s Make Mars a Better Place
Q.2 2023

– PrimoPet Is Alive:The PrimoPet will be delivered as a benefit to the Members of the PrimoMartians community who own more than one PrimoMartian.
– The Future Is Always Brighter:Our team will join forces with other teams to bring both PrimoMartians, and PrimoPets to the PrimoVerse, can feel your excitement too but more will be announced in the future!

Additional Info

You must be signed up to our Whitelist to take part in our Presale. As our Whitelist is very limited, please keep an eye on our Discord channel to receive the newest updates on how to sign up.

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