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05/31/22 UTC

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Project Description

Prosperous Panda Club is a Collection of 8888 3D Panda NFT’s Living in the World’s First Panda Sanctuary in the Metaverse.  A blue chip NFT supporting real world Panda sanctuaries and bringing world wide benefits to holders.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Prosperous Panda Club NFT Roadmap

2022-2023 Timeline

FEB ’22 to JAN ’23

-Engagement and Partnership with Development Group
-PPC NFT Building Advert
-Launch of PPC’s Social Media Accounts
-Engagement of Nominated Zoo’s
-PPC online Store
-Public Sale of Phase 1 NFTs
-Release of Free Bamboo NFT
-Release of Panda Evolution
-Release of Gold Bamboo NFT Capital Raising for Phase 1 Profit Participation Club
-Public Sale of Phase 2 NFT
-Creation of Gaming R & D Division
-Release of Platinum Bamboo NFT Capital Raising for Phase 2 Profit Participation Club
-Launch of Metaverse panda Sanctuary
-Public Sale of Phase 3 NFT
-Release of Diamond Bamboo NFT Capital Raising for Phase 3 Profit Participation Club
-Launch Public Panda Game

Additional Info

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