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05/03/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Proud Kitty Gang (aka PKG) consists of 6,666 Proud Kitties.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Proud Kitty Gang NFT Roadmap

Pilot Launch
Our 666 Tattooed Kitties are already launched on the Binance NFT Marketplace for you to mint. Yes don’t believe in the build the community first then mint thing. Have faith in our creations, which should be the key to grow the gang.

Pay back our loans
Borrowed about USD30k to start this project. Now finally have some money to pay back loans and invest in the community. Congrats to us!

Website and Rarity System
Pretty awesome website to be launched as the primary interface with our gangsters. IMPORTANTLY! Probably the only project on BSC to actually have a rarity system. Want kitties to have best experience

Yes set up the Discord community. Will have regular and unscheduled activities to reward Proud Kitties, such as raffles, bounty pool, gameplays and so forth. Hold a Proud Kitty and you can expect to have all kinds of fun in the community.

Genesis Launch
The rest 6,000 Proud Kitties come alive. 5,800 of them will be offered to the public here , and 200 of them will be withheld for important partners, giveaway and collab activities, and also some for the team.For Tattooed Kitties, don’t worry find a way to migrate Tattooed Kitties into the Proud Kitty Gang. A crypto wallet and some simple clicks is all you need.

PKG Fund
10% of Genesis Launch will be kept in the PKG Fund. Each PKG NFT grants you access to apply to use the PKG Fund, whether it is for building a derivative game of PKG, or starting an original socialfi project or any other web3-based idea. Proud Kitties got each other’s back.

Hold and buidl to establish and expand PKG spirits, and must have fun doing it. What could be more playful than real kitty games?

Raid other Metaverses
If most other NFT projects are siloed and incompatible, shall be the one to break the boundaries. Will enter into the utility system or metaverses of many other Web3 projects, and will start with BSC ecosystem.
Proud Kitties, gang them up!!

More to come down the road
Metaverse? Maybe! Cannot promise you, but will keep on building.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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