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05/06/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Rabid Badgers are a band of mischievous outlaws living in the Rabid Galaxy. Each Badger is algorithmically generated from a pool of over 80 traits.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Rabid Badgers NFT Roadmap

Rabid Council DAO
25% Minted

By owning a Rabid Badger, you’ll get access to the Rabid Badgers DAO and get to decide the future of the project! Also, 2.5% of royalties from secondary sales will go to the community wallet. From there, Rabid Badger holders will be able to discuss and vote on what that money should be spent on. Since this is a community-driven project, the community decides everything!

Play 2 Earn
75% Minted
Collectors will have exclusive access to a Play 2 Earn Mini Game. You will be able to play as any badger you own and earn CRO, NFTs and much more!

75% Minted

Collectors will be able to stake their Badger. Unfortunately, unable to release much info as of now. Currently in talks with some of the more prominent financial services in the space.
Would like to get everything finalized and not release any misleading info or go back on our word. Thank you for understanding.
Holders will be able to use tokens ($BLK) to purchase items such as augmentation devices, weapons, and many other items in the Black Market.

100% Minted

Collectors will be able to augment their badgers with an Augmentation Device. These are rare and divided up into three tiers AG-1, AG-2, and DEMA. When augmented, you may expect your badger to receive new traits, such as robotic mouths, or other body parts. Any visible aspect of the badger may be altered.
You can expect to obtain these via an airdrop, at the black market, or at a later mint.

Post Mint

Rabid Badgers can be breed and will produce Rabid Badger Cubs into a separate collection.
The offspring will receive a mix of traits from their mother and father. This can lead to genetic mutations and create new traits.
Female variants will be released after mint has completed.

A Year From Now

Plan on sticking it out for the long run, so have a lot planned.
The Rabid Badgers are only a part of the extended universe plan to develop. Will introduce new characters, factions, and even planets.
Ultimately want to create an MMORPG that is Play 2 Earn. This will take some time to develop but has steadily begun. Want to release something that is well thought out, developed, and not something your average Joe can cook up.


Additional Info

Mint will go live on May 6th at 2pm UTC.
Each Badger will cost 250 CRO.
Whitelist 199 CRO.

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