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05/06/22 UTC

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Project Description

Raccoon of Sengoku is an NFT project launched, by the people who love Sengoku, who is committed to promoting Japanese history and culture.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Raccoon of Sengoku NFT Roadmap

0. Concept and story idea
Our team has been working on developing new world concepts, story and design. Want to create a Sengoku community full of stories and games. And our NFT will also be part of the history of the Sengoku Period in Japan , enter the Sengoku Metaverse.

1. First sales (Whitelist 0.5 egld each)
The Degen Raccoon of Sengoku will presale on 7th May 2022 , 00:00 (whitelist , 0.5 egld each)
1. First 100 Sengoku NFTs will be distributed as the whitelist our partners Elvanft.com .
2. First 100 Core Member (0.5 egld earch)

2. Public Sales
For all member, available for purchase the NFTs during the public sale (0.7 egld each)

3. Total NFTs Volume
Degen Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs consists of 5, 555 Raccoon completely generated via computer algorithm. 2D painting mainly , each one is unique and verified by the blockchain, every transaction can see the record, Even if the original is sold or resold.

Season 1 :
1000 NFTs on Trust Market (Elrond Chain).

Season 2:
4555 NFTs on OpenSea (Ethereum Chain).

4. Strong Holder
reward Degen Raccoon of Sengoku NFT’s Strong Holder can continue to be our member, enjoy exclusive benefits and priority! When the new NFTs series comes out again, Holder will participate in pre-orders first!

5. Clothing
The Raccoon of Sengoku will be divided into 3 kinds of rarities, normal rare and super rare are randomly generated, and there will be specially drawn version among them.

limited-edition series of clothing(SR)
Normal-edition series of clothing(R)
Normal-edition series of clothing(N)

6. Entertainment
– The merchandise of Degen Raccoon of Sengoku (for example : t-shirt, towel or Stationery ..etc) , bring virtual NFT to real life
– Set up a Sengoku-themed metaverse, Let all NFT owners feel the stimulation of Japan’s Sengoku States
– Gamefi has the game role of Sengoku .

7. Mint these guys and win
Jackpot Oba Nobunage
5 $EGLD(800 USD) x1🤑

Second Prize (Tokugawa leyasu,Toyotomi Hideyos)
1 $EGLD (163 USD) x 2🤑

Other Prize
0.5 $EGLD (80 USD) x 9

Additional Info

Presale- May 6th

Presale 0.5 Egld WL , and public sale 0.7 Egld CHAIN: Season1 Elrond, Season2 Opensea

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