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04/27/22 UTC

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Project Description

Ragnarök is the first metaRPG. . Become one of the 7777 Ronin to get access.. Your NFT becomes your digital identity..

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Ragnarok Meta NFT Roadmap

Release Date Out NOW
– Proof of concept. Building a kick-ass web3 MMORPG – the metaRPG and our Alpha demo gives you a glimpse of what’s in store.

Release Date April
– Launch of the 7777 Ronin Zero NFTs. Your Ronin is your avatar, your profile picture and playable character, your Ragnarok access key.

Release Date MAY
– Animated in-game characters go live. Dive into the game, discover the first map and delve into our world. Explore, hang out and have fun.
– The Ronin Zero are the antecedents of all future generations of Ronin. This is an incredible opportunity, allowing you to play a part in the growth of our community.

Release Date JUNE
– The Marketplace will be our very own Opensea. here you will be able to buy Ronin, rent Ronin for breeding, or sell your Ronin offspring.
– The first of 77 manga Chapters which will run alongside the game, giving the narrative of our Lore with the coincidental release of new in-game features.
– With the introduction of combat, quests, and looting, start to get a deeper experience of our gameplay. Time to test your weapon, skills, and powers.
– The introduction of full RPG mechanis. gain experience, acquire skills and specialise. Level Up, change Classes, and begin your character’s in-game progression

Release Date JULY
– The first NFT items will be available to buy, and objects looted from monsters can be crafted into NFTs. Equip, buy, or sell items in your inventory.

Release Date SEPTEMBER
– The initial sale of $RAG token, introducing game economics based around our currency and the launch of our in-game DEX and staking system.
– The first layer of player to player combat, giving you the opportunity to kick the heck out of friends and strangers for fun and occasional prizes.

Release Date DECEMBER
– Purchase and customise property, set up businesses or spaces to hang out, rent out billboards for advertising, and plenty more.
– A new map, a new world, the Pixel Dimension will be a whole new realm to explore! Alongside this, be adding more activities, events and interoperability for other NFTs.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

Opensea-  https://opensea.io/collection/ragnarok-meta

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