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05/27/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Reigning Bears Lounge Club exists as a VIP experience for 4888 inimitable bears exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Reigning Bears Lounge Club NFT Roadmap

The Limo Ride
You’ve spent the night pregaming for the party of your life! Sent a limo to your cave to pick you and all your closest friends up for the exclusive opening night of the Reigning Bears Lounge Club! You are on your way enjoying all inclusive drinks while the team prepares the following:

– Establish strong social media presence for RBLC on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Tiktok
– VIP guestlist (whitelist) distribution contests, pre-launch marketing hype, exclusive collaborations
– Acquire partnerships with social media influencers to promote the craziest lounge in the world
– Promotional contests and exclusive benefits to be announced to generate incentives for holders
– Partnership with Stateone Apparel for profit sharing/investment & custom high quality RBLC merch
– Mental health awareness initiative to support and strengthen our holders and the community

The Lineup

– Guestlist spots filled, organized, and entered to into hosting system for VIP access minting
– Finalization of custom RBLC minting dApp for implementation on our website
– Guest list and promotional winners announced and awarded
– Sneak peaks and slow reveal of our Legendary 1 of 1 RBLC’s
– Begin to plan post-mint events and incentives to create a self-sustaining community

Access To VIP Lounge Granted (Mint Launch)

– Presale VIP mint May 27th, 2022 / Public sale mint May 30th, 2022
– Submit application to top NFT launch calendars and rarity trackers
– 60% of mint proceeds to be reinvested back into community decided assets
– Legendary 1 of 1 holder’s promoted to celebrity status and rewarded with passive yields
– Launch of RBLC x Stateone Apparel formal branded streetwear and merchandise

The Lounge Vault (DAO)

– RBLC founders have tremendous experience in real world investment management at a corporate level
– Lounge members will vote on acquiring both real world and Metaverse assets
– Blue Chip NFT’s, passive yield mechanisms such as nodes, NFT project angel investment
– Creation of an RBLC mutual fund portfolio managed by experts to maximize forward growth
– Grand reveal of our own exclusive Lounge Club featuring an Art Gallery in a community decided Metaverse

The After Party

– Our talented Artist will complete a secondary collection and airdrop Zombie Bears to holders
– Creative expansion of investments in both real-world assets and crypto related passive income
– Develop and release a utility token with staking tied to RBLC for use in custom crafted marketplace
– Reveal of digital wearables from leveraging Stateone Apparel partnership
– Expand and hire talented self-driven team members to manage proactive projects
– Formally register a fund management parent company to afford full disclosure and security to holders
– Draft and announce Roadmap 2.0.

Additional Info

Pre Sale Date: 27th May 2022

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