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05/18/22 10:00 am UTC

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Project Description

The SixthRéseau mission is to establish the premier fashion brand in the metaverse; while connecting the real world with Web 3.0 in a way that is welcoming and practical.

Aim to make SixthRéseau and its forward-thinking Web 3.0 and metaverse concepts more accessible to the masses, while also standing out through exclusivity and luxury.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

RéseauClo Fashion Metaverse NFT Roadmap

Within this roadmap, have laid out the general path that will follow through our developmental and promotional activities. Times may shift as necessary, and as get a clearer idea of our schedule, will provide updates to our community. There are also steps that have not yet announced so that we can afford ourselves the space need to plan and partner appropriately.

The Beginning

The season 1 sale will begin. This will also mark the opening of the SixthRéseau ecosystem. Each Season 1 NFT corresponds to a uniquely manufactured Hoodie. Will assign random patterns, colors, and finishes to each garment, sourcing the finest materials possible.

During the mint, participants will receive two NFTs, a Season 1 placeholder, and a Mystery Box. Holders can now resell them on the secondary market. Once minting has concluded, a Snapshot date is set for the airdrop of an “animated Hoodie” which entitles you to a SixthRéseau Hoodie. Holder of these assets can then select their size, shipping address, and shipping options details, pending verification within seven days. Afterwards Holders will receive their Season 1 Hoodies.

Will also activate RéseauGold, officially launching EliteClub. A retreat for all SixthRéseau Season 1 and Genesis holders, EliteClub entry will be limited, ending after a few seasons have run. Those who participate in RéseauGold Rewards will get access to a monthly royalty lottery and our proprietary magazine, as well as future access to events, garments, and airdrops.

April 2022

(On & Offline) SixthUtilties Brand
• Building utility and consulting for other projects
• Developing software and hardware solutions for Web 3.0 visionaries
• Expanding and combining advantages for both communities
• Providing nearly all services in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

May 2022

(On & Offline) Season 1 Drop
• 7,777 NFTS (5,000 Private / 2,777 Public)
• Each minter receives one Season 1 NFT and one Mystery Box NFT
• Holders receive extended usage rights to the art
• Holders receive RéseauGold, which provides:
• Access to all Réseau events
• Réseau Magazine at a flat rate
• RéseauGold AlphaGroup entry
• Monthly Royalty Lottery entries

Late May 2022

(Online) Season 1 Reveal & Hoodie Drop
• Art will be revealed after 6 days
• Collecting information about size and shipping details
• Airdropping the “animated hoodie,” which unlocks a physical piece
• Accessing one-of-a-kind hoodie

June 2022

(Online) Road to the Metaverse
• Searching for a metaverse suitable for our needs
• Planning performances for the metaverse
• Distributing wearables to all holders

July 2022

(Online) Merchdrop 1.0 by SixthRéseau
• Launching other products, including exclusive merchandise
• Developing pyjamas, underwear, socks, balls, sports equipment, and more

August 2022

(Online) SixthMystery Event
• Opening the Mystery Box NFTs holders received during the mint

September 2022

(Online) LucidiaDreams Event
• “Controlling dreams is the drive of life” — stay tuned for more information!

October 2022

(Offline) RéseauRoyal Event
• Operating the first offline event
• Planning for an event lottery, cocktails, DJs, singers, and more

December 2022

(Offline) The SixthRéseau Charity
• Launching our own charity program
• Promoting democratic, collaborative decision-making in our community

Early 2023

(Online) App RéseauClo (iOS & Android)
• Launching blockchain technology in hoodies over smartphones and NFC technology
• Launching a verification system compatible with the blockchain
• Launching an augmented reality system for the next era of fashion
• Implementing payment functions in clothing
• Trading tool utilities and NFC technology, continuing to enhance functionality

Middle 2023

(Offline) RéseauSummertime Europe Event
• Launching an official RéseauGold event in Europe
• Planning for an event lottery, cocktails, DJs, singers, and more

Mid-End 2023

(Offline) RéseauSummertime US Event
• Launching an official RéseauGold event in the US
• Planning for an event lottery, cocktails, DJs, singers, and more

End 2023

(Online) Réseau Wearables Marketplace
• Distributing wearables to all NFT holders
• Enabling holders to edit and swap wearables, using our currency (diting requires a Réseau wearable)
• Forming partnerships with leading metaverses and projects
• Developing a payment system for wearables and other items in the metaverse
• Developing $XXX as a payment method for multiple projects and systems.
• Developing staking tools for our currency

End 2023

(Offline) RéseauSummertime Australia Event
• Launching an official RéseauGold event in Australia
• Planning for an event lottery, cocktails, DJs, singers, and more

Additional Info

SixthRéseau — A Official Whitepaper- https://sixthreseau.medium.com/sixthr%C3%A9seau-the-official-whitepaper-ca4e8bb5a81c

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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